Creative Nonfiction

Cells, The Cincinnati Review (forthcoming)

Late Night Snack, Critical Read

Addictions, Pidgeonholes (2021 Best Microfiction nominee)

Full House, Hobart

The Life Coach, Pithead Chapel

Curriculum Vitae, 3:AM Magazine (Selected for the Rumpus’sThis Week in Essays” by Tamara Matthews)

Jokermen, Hobart

One Last Note for Paul Nervy, Sonora Review (Winner of the 2019 Graduate Creative Nonfiction Award)

Moriches, Hobart

Engawa, Kyoto Journal

The Flipping Years, The Cincinnati Review (miCRo series)

Calling From the Slopes, Tin House (Flash Fidelity)

A Purple State, Columbia Journal

Critical & Craft Essays

Stories We Love: “De Daumier-Smith’s Blue Period” by J.D. Salinger, Fiction Writers Review

Stories We Love: “Powder” by Tobias Wolff, Fiction Writers Review

Stories We Love: “Ghosts and Empties” by Lauren Groff, Fiction Writers Review

Time and Interiority in David Means’s “the Chair,” CRAFT

Thomas Bernhard: Your Typical Story-Destroyer, Entropy

Stories We Love: “The Healing Center” by Catherine Lacey, Fiction Writers Review

Stories We Love: “Itinerary” by Lucia Berlin, Fiction Writers Review

Stories We Love: “My Son the Murderer” by Bernard Malamud, Fiction Writers Review

Stories We Love: Dorthe Nors’s “Heron,” Fiction Writers Review


“The Pastor” by Hanne Ørstavik, translated by Martin Aitken, Asymptote (forthcoming)

“Horror and Huge Expenses” by Robert Perišić, translated by Will Firth, Asymptote

“Distant Light” by Tomás González, translated by Andrea Rosenberg, Asymptote newsletter

“Tell Them of Battles, Kings & Elephants” by Mathias Énard, translated by Charlotte Mandel, Asymptote newsletter

“Happiness, As Such” by Natalia Ginzburg, translated by Minna Zallman Proctor, Asymptote newsletter

“Time of the Magicians” by Wolfram Eilenberger, translated by Shaun Whiteside, Asymptote newsletter

“Include Me Out” by María Sonia Cristoff, translated by Katherine Silver, Asymptote newsletter

“Michael Kohlhaas” by Heinrich von Kleist, translated by Michael Hofmann, Asymptote newsletter


Writing about the Pandemic during the Pandemic, The Cincinnati Review

On Durian Sukegawa, Translation, and Literature in the Face of a Crisis: an interview with Alison Watts, Asymptote